MATE@SEA teamed up with POINTR, the cloud-based solution for remote support during maintenance, inspection and repair work.

The current pandemic crisis shows impressively how important a rapid digital transformation has become for the industry and service companies and how important forward-looking solutions, courageous thinking and competent partners are when it comes to digitization.

MATE@SEA offers an advanced cloud-based solution for remote support in maintenance, inspection and repair work that will make your work more efficient.
Using commercially available input and output devices and new methods such as data glasses, Augmented Reality (AR) will fundamentally change the way field staff work.

Your success: Faster execution of repairs and more efficient use of resources, as long journeys are no longer necessary, the travel costs of service staff are reduced, and machine downtimes and downtimes are kept to a minimum. Further possible applications include the creation of a knowledge database and the implementation of training courses as well as usability and security tests.

The AR technology POINTR from our partner Delta Cygni Labs Oy (Finland) enables you to quickly and securely connect your experts in the office with your field staff or customers on site to share a common view on the technical task.
With POINTR you can quickly reach an expert, show him the problem through the camera of your smartphone, tablet or data glasses and let him guide you to the solution. At the same time, graphic annotations, operating instructions, circuit diagrams, etc. can be projected into the field of view of the field service employee. In this way, the experts can help and guide anyone who needs technical support very quickly via POINTR. The AR technology makes support as effective as if your expert were standing next to you.

POINTR’s key features include
– Live video and audio streaming
– AR annotations
– Live and pause mode
– Camera selector switch
– Use of external cameras
– Desktop sharing
– Text chat function
– Groups Call
– Privacy function of the camera
– Highest secure & stable connection
– Documentation of questions, instructions and approvals

Additional users and/or applications can be added easily and quickly as business needs grow. With the user-based licensing model, investment costs are kept to a minimum and the return on investment is quickly achieved. We therefore offer an extremely cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes.
POINTR was originally designed for outdoor use in space and therefore meets the highest security standards. POINTR is the only globally approved solution for safety-critical infrastructure facilities such as power plants or even oil platforms and offshore vessels. POINTR can also be used in the People’s Republic of China and has the corresponding approval.

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