Søby Shipyard

MATE-at-Sea GmbH is proud to serve as an agent for Søby Shipyard, facilitating a seamless collaboration in the realms of ship repair, modernization, and new builds.

Søby Shipyard, renowned for its unparalleled quality, is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its clients through its comprehensive suite of services. At the core of its operations, the Shipyard excels in providing meticulous ship repair and maintenance solutions, with its three well-equipped dry docks standing as a testament to its commitment to excellence.

The Shipyard's engine workshop is a haven of high-quality machinery, staffed by a team of skilled technicians proficient in servicing an array of equipment including engines, generators, pumps, and compressors. Their expertise ensures that all machinery is meticulously overhauled, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.

Further contributing to the Shipyard's success are the dedicated subcontractors who populate various departments. Their unwavering availability and commitment to delivering top-tier craftsmanship align seamlessly with the Shipyard's ethos of quality and customer satisfaction.

Søby Shipyard's rich history is marked by numerous successful new build projects, solidifying its reputation as an industry innovator. A crowning achievement in its portfolio is the "Ellen", a fully electric ferry that made waves as the first and largest passenger ferry to navigate solely on electric propulsion when it was launched in 2019. This groundbreaking project is a clear demonstration of the Shipyard's forward-thinking approach and its perpetual quest to push the boundaries of shipbuilding excellence.

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